Where does the idea of creating a "Home Made" Podcast Hosting

Some time ago, Antonio had the idea to create a new project that ended up being called Capeles Podcast. He started by Googling what he needs to start creating the concept and being able to share it. Among what he needed was a podcasting hosting. He saw many alternatives. In one of those meetings with Guillermo, which as always, we ordered an espresso and we talked about the business, ideas, sharing information ... Antonio told Guillermo that he was going to launch a podcast and that he wanted him to participate. Antonio didn't remember the exact words he said but it went something like this:

I can create a system that distributes your audios. Let me find a solution.

Hence the development of this project.


Within the simplicity of Ghost, we have limitations when generating the RSS file.

Despite the simplicity of developing on top of Ghost; to generate the file, we had to improvise a little so that it contains the information specified by iTunes. Ghost is an easy tool to use but, because the RSS file had to be generated automatically, it required improvisation to setup the system.

Solution and benefits

  • As we mentioned. We use Ghost CMS as a base.
  • A path was created for the RSS feed.
  • AWS S3 bucket to save audio
  • CDN CloudFront for launch

You can read more in the blog post we created about this project.

You can find Capeles podcast at: