How we do it.

Our default way of work is resumed as a continuous process of designing and development. After deployment, it is key to learn, analyze, implement and update. Always looking to provide the best experience for your users.

Meet up. Firstly, we schedule a meeting/workshop to discuss one of the following: the vision you have for an idea, a problem you are having that needs a solution or the addition of new features to a product. This dynamic allows us to gather the necessary information to start our process of development.

Designing & Prototyping. We practice the design first approach development. This approach allows us to quickly and cost effectively illustrate and communicate the possible solution to the idea or problem that we understood you are having. This helps you and us on the communication and understanding of the problem. Also, because of the ease of making changes to the design/prototype, iterations are far easier and faster than on software already developed.

Coding time. After a pretty clear understanding of the problem, iterative development of the product is started. Communication is key between you and us. You are part of the development process. We are #teamplayers

Delivery. We use the best practices for releasing software which includes automated tests, automated builds, scheduled release cycles, you know, engineering stuff. How does this benefit you? Well for example, it increases the confidence of having software with minimum bugs/errors (There is no such software as 100% bug free).

Monitor. We don’t finish when the application is deployed on production. We monitor the app and track errors remotely to have faster responses to fixes. No need to wait for users to notify errors or hope they notify errors at all. Also, we use tools to extract insights of user behavior from usage data, helping you make better decisions and improvements to the product.

Let's keep the product up-to-date. Our support service is not based only on fixing bugs and maintaining a server. Our continuous development approach is a service that always looks to improve the quality of the software. We execute command goto Step_1;

If you have a software idea, let's start working on it.

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