Preparing your toolbox to work remotely

There are a lot of business that already let employees work remotely. They provide them with the necessary tools and access to be able to work with minor friction. Moving, transferring, editing... doing almost everything from their comfort house or could be at a coffee shop or maybe working from the beach 😁. It depends on which things you are working.

There are a lot of tools that you can use when you want to improve how you manage projects, communication, file sharing, etc. What we are going to share with you are tools we think are easy to use, reliable, and versatile.

Here are the tools you can consider to use in your toolbox to work remotely:

Every tool mentioned have an mobile application version. This give you more flexibility to manage your conversations, meetings and files. In ocassions, I have used Zoom mobile version for meetings. This usually happens when I'm in a place where I prefer to use my cellphone instead of my computer. This is a big plus now that we are doing more things with our cellphone and using it as part of our working tool.

Is some kind of obvious but...

keep in mind that something that works in person doesn't necessarly works remotely. Be flexible and creative.

At the moment, everyones of us (at ifIdea) works remotely

We are an example of working remotely. We identified the tools that will help us stay communicated, organized, and collaborative. Is just a matter of adaptation.

Virtual Workplace

There are even companies that use virtual workplace. Is like moving your office (virtually) to a space when everyone can connect to it no matter where they physical are. And you can have your virtual office, and being able to use a lobby to talk to a prospect... Cool right?

Remember, there is a bunch of tools out there in the internet, is to choose the tools that you feel comfortable and help you build the environment you and your team want.

If you have an idea, need a software solution or additional hands on your development team then we can help, feel free to contact us.