The story behind the project

When Antonio Capeles and I were discussing the need of making business cards as a strategy to generate leads and/or brand awareness we were just researching prices. We agreed on using the service of a company that prints business cards by orders made online and also Antonio had used it before.

A couple of days passed and while I was drinking my afternoon coffee I entered into my LinkedIn account (something that I don't do often) and started doing the only thing that I do there, answer job offers from talent finders by replying "no and thank you".

I'm beginning to think that the only reason I still have that account is to feel flattered by the messages they leave me there… so much love! But that day was different. I got inspired by the guys at the AWS Sumerian team. They were promoting their service by posting a blog about an immersive experience project using Augmented Reality (AR) and a business card. In their blog post they show how to place a video in AR on top of a business card. It was a cool project to promote their service. So why not promote that we, at ifIdea, do modern web development and AI integration on our business card? I shared the idea with Antonio and he instantly loved it, then he immediately started working on the business card design. Now it was just time for me to go to my lab and start working on the code…

Well, the research quickly showed how expensive it would be to develop something like that. So we decided to build it differently and way far cheaper.

The solution

The solution is a website that uses AR and a marker which is found by image recognition to place a 3D plane over the business card. Then on top of that plane an animation is played typing the services we provide. Inside the marker is a QR code that the camera app of the phone recognizes and resolves to the website URL. You know the saying that goes "A picture is worth a thousand words" right?, well in this case is an animated gif so multiply the worthiness of the picture by the frames on the gif and you get as result that it is worth millions of words! 🤯… Here is the result and we hope you like it.

AR animation on business card

If you have an idea, need a software solution or additional hands on your development team then we can help, feel free to contact us.