What is User Experience?

According to Nielsen Norman Group:

"User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

Is all about the macro. The all touchpoints which the user interact. Our focus can't be only be in providing a nice User Interface (UI) but rather to the broad aspect of the system. Is like having a car with a nice paint but in the inside is almost in the ground.


Why is important?

When you went to a restaurant and have this unique experience that you said: Wou! That restaurant was amazing! The place has nice a furniture, comfort seats, the food presentation and the taste 😋 was glorious. You shared your pictures of your experience with your friends and family telling them that they need to visit the restaurant ASAP. You appear like you are a sales representaive of the restaurant 😁

Did you see what happened? The experience was so nice you are making a free propaganda to your friends and family.

The same applies to software. We want to offer an outstanding experience through all the interactions with the product/service. To offer such experience, we need to use modern software practices to product high quality applications that end-user's will love. As Guillermo explain in a blog about Modern Software Development:

It has become about following best practices to produce high quality code, resulting in high quality applications which means happy users and customers. It's a change to prioritize the customers and users experience with the product.

The visual design, the format of the information architecture, the content, functionalities... provided in a efficient way is what we call a good UX.

Keep in mind that UX aims to provide positive experiences to keep users engage.

Let's mention a few benefits of good UX:

  • Increased trust
  • Increased traffic/views
  • Loyalty

What about the ROI of UX?

One example of ROI of UX is user productivity/performance. Let's take a look to an  example:

Two departments of a company share date between them. One depends on the other. Let's call the first department A and the second department B. A is the first one to gather information from a client. After the data is completed inserted in a platform, department B can access and modify the data only on the modules they have permission. The platform have a few issues. B has to insert some data fields that have been already inserted by A. And this happens from every client A put in the platform. Two issues we can idenfity: data integrity and user productivity is being affected by the repeated task users have to do. And this happens a lot! Avoiding these kinds of scenarios put users/employees in a better position to be more productive.

The market and the UX

Now days people expect to have an experience that they feel identified with them. These kind of feeling that you interact with a software and you said:

  • Wuao! Feels so good to use this app
  • Checkout is so easy!
  • The information is presented clearly

When your end user get to this point is when you realize the company is providing solutions to impact peoples live. They are focus on the user instead of just deploying features and being guided by trends.

Reviews, Blogs, Social Media used to decide when you purchase a product

Before choosing for "X" service, users are more likely to look for a review on social media or blog to make sure they are picking a great product. On my personal experience, I did this almost with every online product I wants to buy. I look for the quality, service, opinion of others folks who use it and their experience using it. Ask your friend on how they choose a product and without a doubt it will tell you how they made their scientific investigation on which product to choose.

Taking the time to design a top notch experience will pay off. People will talk and share with the people around them how much they love to use the product.

At ifIdea we design and develop software placing the user at the Center of the Process.

If you have an idea, need a software solution or additional hands on your development team then we can help, feel free to contact us.



Feature Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash