Is important to consider the elders when we talk about software design.

Browsing on LinkedIn I saw that Don Norman shares a post that said:

“Old people are cool, Design for them Sucks”

It gave me a lot of curiosity and interest. Almost instantly I understood the phrase and what they mean. It's not usual to consider elders in the development of a software product. Hence this brief case study type research on alternatives at the UX level to help aging people to obtain a simple and pleasant experience, and that the business benefits from such an initiative increasing its value and loyalty of its customers / users.

We choose this hypothetic Bank Application as an example. We realized some aspects we can demonstrate that can be improve to delight it with a better experience.

There are a few complaints that are notable on elders using mobile applications:

  • Small words
  • Too much componentes/elements in an screen
  • Process to complicated

As you realized, the idea is not complicated. Is the opposite of the previous points mentioned. By the way, this suggestion or idea doesn't apply only for people in the golden age but also for almost everyone.

Let show a few simple designs and put it in perspective to better understand what we refer.

Imagine this user clicked a button that says Create Account. The mobile application now shows a screen telling the user that needs to verify his/her account first.

Take a look to the following image. Simple. Right? Nothing fancy. Just a bigger font size, input text with plenty of space and a big button at the bottom to trigger the event to verify the account.

Screen example #1: Account Registration

Screen - Bank Account Verification

Now let's move to the next screen example. The Home Page Bank Account. As you can see, it's use the same format: bigger font size, elements with more space, and a button to load more cards. The idea behind this is not being too fancy but be simple, descriptive and when possible increase elements/components sizes to help them read it with ease. Approximately the user can see only two cards by screen. This way we can show clearly the cards with all their information.

Screen - Home Page Bank Account

The idea of showing this screen is to showcase the simple changes we can make to provide a better experience to elders. Would be nice to integrate a feature that enable this kind of functionalities. Something like:

Enable Golden Age Mode

Sounds cool. Right? I really love the concept.

There are business that a vast majority of their client are people of the golden age. Applying the previous characteristics mentioned can help build a ease to use interface.

If you have an idea, need a software solution or additional hands on your development team then we can help, feel free to contact us.